Mocchau Retreat



From the day Mocchau Retreat was designed, during months of construction and years in operation, we remain dedicated to operating responsibly and improve sustainability.

The natural ambient in Mocchau Retreat comes from selected natural materials in all rooms and majority of common areas. There are a lot of wood, natural stone, palm leaves and other decorative elements, leave as little impact as possible on the environment.

Save the environment, we recommended not to put clean towels in for washing.
This simple notices help reduce the negative effect on the environment by using electric and heat energy, washing powder and other chemicals in daily washing.

World climate change, no air-conditioner
Situated 1050m high above the sea level, Moc Chau has a temperate climate with temperatures ranging from 18-25oC, which is ideal for resorts and eco-tourism.
Mocchau Retreat is located in the middle or a garden, surrounded by native plants and stream. We would love to recommended you to enjoy the cool natural fresh atmosphere.

Non-smoking environment
Bulk natural extracted amenities instead of individual packages to reduce waste