Mocchau Retreat

About Us

About Us

Welcome to Mocchau Retreat – the best rustic accommodation in town.
Mocchau Retreat is located 5km from center of Moc Chau – a cozy rural is a rural district of Son La Province in the Northwest region of Vietnam.

Official opened in November 2017, styled with traditional Vietnamese elements in architecture and furnishings, Mocchau Retreat offers you a “retreat” place in the form of natural landscape, native plants, flowers, and stream. The resort boasts a total of 5 guest rooms, one restaurants, one café bar, one culture zone include open library and traditional weaving corner of Tai people.

Moc Chau has a unique charm. In MCR we try everything currently as much as we can in construction and operation to made sure it leaves as little effect on the environment as possible.
We not only satisfy your expectation but also have a commitment to preserve and improve the green ethos of Mocchau, Vietnam.

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